Ontario Chef School - Lab Instruction

Dedicated industry professionals with many years of experience at Chef, Executive Chef, Corporate Chef and Sous Chef levels.

We are on top of industry standards and also industry trends.

We are dedicated to upholding and passing on the highest levels of culinary skills.

All of our chef-instructors are holders of Cook and or Baker/ Patissier Red Seals from the Apprenticeship and Client Services Branch, Ministry of Education and Training.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada


For more information on Certification and Assessment, please contact: Ministry of Education and Training Tel:1-800-387-5656 Fax: (416) 326-5606 E-Mail: info@edu.gov.on.ca

Descriptions of Cook and Baker/Patissier Red Seal:

A Cook or Baker who feels the need for tutoring in the Curriculum set by the Ministries of Education, Colleges and Training in Canada.

You wish to obtain your Red Seal Certification and to advance in the Hospitality Industry.

We offer courses that prepare the student for their Cook, Assistant Cook and Baker/Patissier Red Seal Certification.

Perhaps you are ready to write your exam, but would like to determine that you are indeed prepared for the Ministry's examination.
A 70% passing grade is required to obtain your Red Seal. There is a three month delay before a failed Red Seal applicant can rewrite the R.S.C. exam.
You could write Ontario Chef School's Practice Exam which is based on the Curriculum and the types of questions which appear on the Ministry's Red Seal Examination. This costs $85.00.
Some students will write the Diagnostic Test which helps them to understand what aspects of the Curriculum require more studying. It costs $85.00.
All tests are returned to the student with comments and suggestions, including how to study tips.

Ontario Chef School - Mise en Place

We are dedicated industry professionals with many years of experience at Chef, Executive Chef, Corporate Chef and Sous Chef levels.
We are dedicated to assisting the student to attain their Red Seal Certification.
This can be accomplished via tutoring after the completion of the Diagnostic test. This test will let the Chef-Instructor know the areas of study the student requires. We will only encourage you to study in your areas of need.

Online courses:
Ontario Chef School also has a course for home study, which the student can complete on their own time. This course is available as an entire unit or specific units, such as Meats or Pastry can also be purchased.
The Courses are returned to the Chef-Instructor for grading, comments, suggestions and study tips.

We also offer training on the job. Students should inquire about this option as it will be custom designed to your need.

Employers are also encouraged to contact Chef Brennan to inquire about staff training.

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